The Best Choice to Unlock IPhone

GeekCa USIM has the perfect unlock experience, support all iphone and all iOS unlock


Easy and Cheap

GeekCa USIM supports firmware upgrades, a purchase card affixed to unlock a variety of versions of the iPhone

Supported Carrier Network


1.If not available unlock the phone when you receive the product. Do not worry. Maybe the iccid number has expired during the transportation of the product.
Visit our website to check new iccid number to unlock. Or send a message to our customer service to check a new iccid number.
2. The phone I use is at&t iPhone 6s can I use sprint and version?
3. Can my iPhone be unlocked for another SIM card?
No. You will Lose unlock service.
4. Can I upgrade my phone after the phone is unlocked?
Yes. But only OTA upgrades are available.
5. Can I reset the phone after unlocked?
No. You will Lose unlock service.
6. I am using MetroPCS sim card, bypass the activation but no service?
Metro PCS User Need to Call Customer Service 888-863-8768 talk to someone. Update the new phone IMEI Number.
7. Why I can’t send a picture message?
You need to set up the APN of your phone. APN setting parameters you need to find your carrier from Google.
8. Can I use the chips for an android?
No.Don’t do it.
9. I whit like give Sprint or T-mobile iPhone for my Mexico friend work or no?
Yes. it Working good in Mexico.
10. I forget the Icloud password. Can I use the chips to remove Icloud lock?
No. it’ no able to unlock Icloud.
11. How can I give my phone to someone and keep phone unlocked?
Contact Seller get the help.However After you got perfect unlocked.Don’t change your mobile sim or Reset your iPhone or update iOS by iTunes computer so that you can keep perfect unlock all the time.

APN & MMS Settings Sample